Updated downloads posted to website… 21st June 2014

A number of product updates have been posted to the website, including fixes for installers on 32-bit Windows, a fix for an overly-zealous compiler optimization in Transient Monster on Windows, and a number of other fixes that we found after exposing code to the REAL world.  Our beta testers, as awesome as they are, can only find so much.  Thanks for everyone’s patience and cooperation in reporting issues – keep it up!  Just re-download installers and re-install.  Version numbers may change to .01, .02, .03 depending on what fixes were made.

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  1. paul wade says:

    New install only loads plugs as dual mono in PT 11, normal in PT 10. tested and worked correctly as stereo (PT 11) in last release. Also note: upgraded to PT and change could be due to avid rat fucking the code further. 😀 Great work Scott regardless.

    • Scott Stillwell says:

      We’ve discovered this within the past day, and yes, it’s specific to 11.2. We’ve had reports of other vendors’ plugins also doing the same, so it’s not specific to ours. We’re working on it internally, and we’ve also reported to Avid. In the future you may wish to use the forums or support ticket system rather than commenting on the blog, but whatever works for you. It’s easier for us to track things in standard channels.

  2. paul wade says:

    Fair enough. I’ll move further communications over to traditional channels and off line. I’ll pull this one down. Thanks again.

  3. Scott Stillwell says:

    We have no problems with communications being public – it’s a known issue (if only just now known) and we’re addressing it. It’s just that it’s more effective to use the forum for what it’s designed for (public discussions), the support ticket system for what it’s for (tracking product support issues), etc. No worries. The comment system is here to be used, too – it’s just not an effective forum (pardon the confusing word choice) for product support.

    Too long, didn’t read version: Don’t feel you need to pull your comment down – it’s fine. If I had a problem with it I wouldn’t have approved it in moderation. Do feel free to open a support ticket or a thread in the forum (or both), though.

    Thanks for checking in!

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