Oligarc Filter

Oligarc Filter is a fully midi-controllable stand alone filter plugin. At its heart is the sophisticated emulation of a classic analog ladder filter taken from Olga and Oligarc, complete with nonlinearity, instability, character, good looks and danger.

Selectable Filter Shape

Choose from lowpass (bludgeon), wide bandpass (cleaver) or narrow bandpass (scalpel).

Nice big Cutoff Frequency knob

For all your turny-sweepy needs. When performing a filer sweep, try not to pull the face. Yes, that face. Please stop that.


Tightly boosting resonance at the cutoff frequency, it will even happily self oscillate at high settings without input.

We could have chosen to limit the maximum amount of resonance available to prevent you from overdoing it and breaking stuff with a squealing unstable howl.

We did not.

Brickwall Limiter

A soft-clipping limiter to protect your delicate organic structures.

All proceeds from this plugin are donated to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be download for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.