You can mimic the effects of solid-state or tube amps in various states of disarray, introducing pleasing harmonic warmth, through overdrive to distortion… …The simplest way to get started is twisting the Mod A or Mod B knobs, which add richness to sounds at all input levels, courtesy of two distinctly non-linearities that each generate a different combination of odd harmonics… …you don’t necessarily have to understand what real-world function the various controls are emulating — just dive in and start tweaking the controls until you find an effect you like!… …you can achieve plenty of subtle warming effects with generous dollops of pleasing second- and third-harmonic distortion… …you can instead achieve great ‘Schmitt trigger’-like sustained fuzzbox effects on guitar/bass. You can also get great new effects by abusing combinations of controls… …There may be great smouldering heaps of tube/tape/distortion plug-ins already available, but BadBussMojo genuinely offers something different, sounds good, and at $39 is an absolute bargain!

The schOPE audio tool is one of the best analyzers I’ve used in a long time… …You have to use it to appreciate how valuable it can be… …Users with well-tuned ears will appreciate how much schOPE can speed up your workflow, while “newer” engineers can use the visual display to test hunches they have about problem frequencies, using compression, and managing dynamic range… …From a mastering standpoint, I can’t say enough about the frequency analyzer. The main reason is that each axis (amplitude and frequency) has a zoom control that lets you focus on problem areas.

Some very convincing analogue sounds are possible…. …Olga succeeds in its ambition to offer a novel and intriguing experience in a crowded marketplace of virtual analogue synths… …Olga can do classic monosynth basses and sticky leads in an authentically fat and dirty fashion… …The virtual equivalent of finding an unknown analogue synth at your local boot-sale! …The closest hardware comparison would probably be a Moog Rogue or Prodigy. Like a real analogue synth curiosity, it would be useful on those occasions when you’re looking for a diversion from more predictable and well-behaved instruments.

Even if one doesn’t care for hardware emulation in GUI design, there’s no denying that the guys at Schwa are true artists. They’ve consistently produced beautifully turned-out plug-ins that look every bit as good as they sound. …All of this modulation would be pointless if the individual effects didn’t cut the mustard. We’re happy to report that they perform brilliantly, though – the filter responds convincingly, and the chorus is satisfying. However, the phaser is the real standout feature here, and is bound to quickly become a firm favourite with many. …Schwa has a clear winner on its hands with this package. Though you might already have reasonable examples of each of the included processors, Oligarc rolls them into a complete, exciting entity that’s all its own.

Olga has the grunt to perform any of the day-to-day labour you’d ask of a classic analogue instrument… …Talk about character! This is no delicate damsel, but a cigar-smokin’, gravel-chewin’ roughneck… …This synth sounds burly, brawny and ballsy.

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