We believe that virtually all people will do the right thing when given the chance to do so, and that users should not be punished for the actions of other bad actors. So with that in mind, here’s how our licensing works.

  • Our plugins process sound in exactly the same way whether you have a license or not. No beeps, no noises, no dropouts. Bit-for-bit identical.
  • There is no “time bomb” limitation in our evaluation plugins. They just keep working.  No technical limitations, only legal/moral ones.
  • Our plugins MAY contain a nag screen that prompts you to “Do the right thing” until a license is in place, or may just display their registered/unregistered status in the user interface, because we DO want you to buy a license.  Clicking on the nag screen may take you to our website as a reminder.
  • If you are using the plugins for non-commercial use AND you are using REAPER ( as a host, there is a discounted license available.  This license is ONLY valid within REAPER – if you open the plugin in another host it will still show as unregistered.  All other combinations of non-commercial/commercial and host software should buy a full license.  “Non-commercial” means what it says.  If you get paid, it’s commercial.  If you produce a demo CD and sell it at your merch table, it’s commercial.  Record music and play it for your friends and family, or in the course of taking a class somewhere, or just plain give it away?  Non-commercial.
  • There are no other discounts or bundle prices available.  We believe that bundle discounts are just a way to bump up the price of the individual plugins to make the bundle look like a discount.  We’d rather just make the plugins affordable even if you buy just one.
  • We offer a 30-day evaluation period.  There are no technical limitations in place to enforce this, but by downloading and installing the plugins, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of our license agreement.  After 30 days you should either purchase a license or remove the plugin(s) from your machine.
  • Bought a license?  It’s good for two machines – studio and home?  home and laptop?  It’s all good – you’re covered.
  • The evaluation plugin downloads on the website ARE the registered copies.  When you buy a license, we send you a link to download a personalized key file.  Drop the key file in the same folder as the plugin and it’s registered.  Done!  More instructions about this are given on the Installation page and in our forums.

Hope that helps make things clear – Feel free to open a thread on the forums if you have more questions.