Event Horizon

Peak-Eating Limiter

Its a “Peak-Eating Limiter”…huh? Well, maybe a better description is that it’s a clipper with an optional soft-clip circuit. Its output is what comes into it…only louder. Push it too hard on some audio and it will tell you in no uncertain terms that this is no longer the right tool for the job. Perhaps the right tool would be a high-quality traditional lookahead limiter? Fine – Event Horizon is also exactly that!

Event Horizon absurdly easy to use : set your threshold for how deep you want it to dig, the input meter will help with that. Set your ceiling for where you want to end up. If you’re clipping, set how soft you want the clipping to be. That’s it, now just let your ears decide.

Soft-Clip Limiting

By truncating waveforms short of where the DAC would go into clipping, Event Horizon’s can achieve VERY transparent loudness increases with ZERO pumping, ZERO transient or frequency artifacts, and with ZERO latency.

Traditional Lookahead Limiting

How does Event Horizon’s soft clipping compare to a high-quality traditional lookahead limiter? Well that’s exactly what you get, and with a flip of the switch you can compare and contrast. Easy, eh?

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be download for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.