Graphic Dynamic Control

Sculpto is a waveform reshaping tool allowing powerful direct control over the dynamics of any audio. Freely draw bezier curves and define what effect they have; from gently scaling your audio almost like a traditional envelope, through variable soft-clipping, to direct clipping with which you completely redefine the dynamic content of your audio.

All in real time, non-destructively and with amazingly low CPU use.

Timeline navigation with loop detection gives you full control across your DAW project – completely transform a single looped bar, or just pick out a few details from within the length of your project.

Sculpto is an endlessly practical and effective tool for your audio toolbox and a crazy, enjoyable weapon for wholesale audio deconstruction. Try it!

  • Clipped Peak Restoration : easy, smooth and repeatable reshaping of peaks

  • Transient Shaping : Not getting the impact you need from traditional dynamic tools? Drawing an envelope in Sculpto allows you to visually design the dynamics of the sound.

  • Special Effects : From swells, rides and rhythmic re-imposition to psuedo-sidechain and extreme pumping effects, Sculpto gives you enormous power to transform, enhance and mangle sound in an easy, predictable and interactive graphic environment.

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be download for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.