Multi-signal Analysis

schOPE is a flexible signal analysis tool that provides three modes of visualizing multiple audio sources at once. schOPE has four input channels, all simultaneously viewable, allowing for detailed investigation of precisely how your audio channels relate to one another.

Scope pre- and post-compression signals together to see if you’re flattening peaks. Scope kick drum and bass together for EQ scooping. Scope DI and amped guitar signals together to fix phase problems.

Isolate and zoom in on exactly the part of the signal you want to see. Freeze the display and use the time offset knobs to visually scrub frequency changes.

“We make a ton of cool plugins here but to be honest, the one I use more than any other is schOPE.” – Schwa

schOPE is a 4-channel waveform scope…
…schOPE is also a dual stereo phase analyzer…
..and schOPE is also a multichannel frequency analyzer.

Time Mode

– multichannel waveform scope

Up to four simultaneous time-domain waveform peaks are drawn. A hold threshold can be set to automatically freeze the display on peaks while monitoring live audio, and the RMS value of the visible area us shown. The display can be interactively zoomed, scaled and panned.

Freq Mode

– multichannel frequency analyzer

To know the frequency-domain spectral power of a single signal is useful …but to be able to simultaneously compare the frequency content of multiple signals is truly enlightening. The display may be zoomed into just the frequency and amplitude ranges you’re interested in, and the FFT size may be altered to balance the accuracy of frequency against dynamics.

Phase Mode

– dual-stereo phase analyzer

Analyse the stereo image and phase of your stereo signal, or compare that of two different stereo signals simultaneously. A balanced stereo image will have most of its strength along the vertical axis, a panned signal will have more strength along one diagonal, and a signal with phase problems will have most of its strength along the horizontal axis.

Multichannel schOPE

in your host

schOPE displays up to 4 channels of input. Most DAW hosts will load schOPE on any sort of track, but some hosts will only load a 4-channel plugin on a 4-channel track, and some hosts will not load a 4-channel plugin at all.

now with…

VST3 !

schOPE is now a VST3 format plugin! This means that in VST3 compatible hosts it is now possible to utilise the multichannel functionality of schOPE; send an audio signal to the sidechain input to have it appear on schOPE’s channels 3&4. Note that the VST3 format allows schOPE to only support dual-mono (channels 1&3) and dual-stereo (channels 1/2 and 3/4) operation.

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be download for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.