Algorithmic Reverb

Before convolution reverbs, there were Lexicon, Yamaha, Eventide…hmm. Seems like all the REALLY good reverbs were around way before everybody got the convolution bug.

This isn’t a convolution reverb…it’s an algorithmic reverb put together the old-fashioned way…from your basic ones and zeroes. It’s extremely controllable (try changing the room size and damping of your average reverb impulse…doesn’t work, does it?), and very flexible.

Separate control over early and late reflections, stereo or mono in (input mix), stereo or mono out (width), flip wet output channels for cross reverb (very cool for panning mono instruments and letting them fill a space without getting overly wet), high-pass filters, gating…it’s all there.

This is NOT the reverb you would use to emulate a physical space (that’s what convolution reverbs excel at), but this is a true gem for sweetening tracks with reverb…adding that special shimmer to tracks that you can’t really get any other way.

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be download for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.