Vibe EQ

Character Equalizer

This is one of those mythical plugins that makes things sound better just by plugging it in. Really.

Consider 1973, our top quality pristine equaliser; where we go to great efforts to provide smooth and transparent control over the frequencies you choose, because very often that’s what you need from an EQ. But… sometimes you need an equalizer that shapes the character of the sound at those frequencies.

That …is VibeEQ.

Vibe-EQ is all about color. The more boost or cut you dial in, the more color and funk you get, in the form of rich harmonic variation of the frequencies you choose. Use sparingly on the output bus, submixes and vocals for warm and musical tonal balancing, and with a heavier

hand on guitars, bass, drums (especially the kick!) and anywhere you want to dial into the core of the tone.

  • Rich, coloured equalization.

  • High Shelf and 2 mid-bands with overlapping frequencies.

  • Simultaneously bracket your low end with Hi-Pass and balance it with the smooth low shelf.

  • Output volume control

  • Low CPU usage, even with the optional oversampling engaged.

Download Evaluation Copy

An evaluation copy may be downloaded for free. It becomes legitimate when you purchase a licence.