Stillwell Audio proudly present EVERYTHING - a FREE upgrade to 19 plugins - All are now 32bit, 64bit, AU, VST3, RTAS and AAX for OSX and Windows.

Two years in the making, Version 3 means it's finally time for
Pro Tools users to experience the quality of everything we do at Stillwell Audio, and to enjoy the way we do it. Do you use a VST3 host? Ask no more, because now we've got you covered as well.

We have a new website (did you notice?) and *tada* please bid welcome to Broadsword, our newest developer. Of course, by 'Everything' we mean 'not quite everything', because PsychoDither is not quite up to V3 (stand by for that!) and 'Microshope' has been discontinued.

The Rocket
If Stillwell Audio was a greatest hits album, The Rocket would be track one. Lauded and beloved of VST and AU users, now also available as AAX and VST3 ...welcome to the party!

Ultra-fast character effects compressor with ‘All Buttons’ ratio mode, sidechaining, and the ability to take the delicate, musical gain reduction to the extremes of dirty, heavy and slamming rock’n’roll misbehaviour.

For your downloading pleasure… 07th July 2014

Another update has been posted to the website.  Primary features for this release are:

  • Corrected issue where upgrading to Pro Tools 11.2 disabled stereo versions of plugins.
  • Where factory presets existed for VST and other formats, they now should also exist for RTAS and AAX.
  • VST3 factory presets for Windows didn’t make it into the previous release due to a build error – fixed.

As always, this is a no-cost update, just download and install over your existing version.  Always practice safe computing and keep backups, right?


Another update posted to website… 28th June 2014

Updated downloads have been posted to the website for all products.  The primary fix for this update is to allow many VST3 hosts to see the plugin’s factory presets.  Presonus Studio One notably still does not show presets – we are continuing to work on that.  If you do not use VST3 plugins primarily, you likely do not need this update, but of course are welcome to download as always.  All version numbers have been incremented.

Updated downloads posted to website… 21st June 2014

A number of product updates have been posted to the website, including fixes for installers on 32-bit Windows, a fix for an overly-zealous compiler optimization in Transient Monster on Windows, and a number of other fixes that we found after exposing code to the REAL world.  Our beta testers, as awesome as they are, can only find so much.  Thanks for everyone’s patience and cooperation in reporting issues – keep it up!  Just re-download installers and re-install.  Version numbers may change to .01, .02, .03 depending on what fixes were made.

Version 3.0.0 – at long last… 15th June 2014

It’s been a LONG time coming, but it’s finally here.  Version 3.0.0 brings many noteworthy features and fixes.  All known compatibility issues have been addressed for current users, and for those users that have been waiting patiently (or not), we’re finally fully consistent – all plugins are available 32 and 64 bit, both Mac and PC (with the exception of Psycho Dither which is still WIP and Microschope which has been retired due to lack of activity).  The most exciting bit for new users, though, is additional platform support.  We now support VST3 and (wait for it…) Pro Tools.  Our plugins are available in RTAS (legacy), 32-bit AAX Native (Pro Tools 10), and 64-bit AAX Native (Pro Tools 11).  Where appropriate, we have also built in support for Audiosuite (AS).

We hope that you’re as excited as we are, and please forgive the dust as we make final tweaks to the website now that we’ve got it up and running.  Oh, did I forget to mention that we did a total rewrite on the website?  The old place has never looked so good…it needed a good coat of paint and some dusting.


Social media links… 03rd February 2014

I think some of you may already be aware of this, but just wanted to put it out there for you:  We’re on Facebook at, and on Twitter @StillwellAudio.  Feel free to like/follow as you wish.  If you’re normally in those channels more often than you’re here on the website, you may get news faster that way.

Showcase: EVERYTHING – Version 3 is here

VST3 / RTAS / AAX / Windows & OSX

Showcase: The Rocket

Here it is, our famous character compressor. And now ProTools users can join the party!

Showcase: The New Formats

Everything for everything (almost)

Latest News

Another update has been posted to the website.  Primary features for this release are: Corrected issue where upgrading to Pro...


Buss Compressor

Premium quality buss compressor, tailored for smooth and musical processing of complex audio.



Character Equalizer

This is one of those mythical plugins that makes things sound better just by plugging it in. Really. Vibe-EQ is an equalizer that shapes the character of the sound; its is all about color. The more boost or cut you dial in, the more color and funk you get, in the form of rich harmonic variation of the frequencies you choose.




A tribute to the utter transparency and smoothness of one of the greatest console equalizers of all time, featuring an adaptive midrange and a high shelf so musical you’ll scarcely believe your ears.




Virtual analog synthesizer unlike any other, designed from first principles to be distinctive. More

Event Horizon

Peak-Eating Limiter

Soft-clipping for VERY transparent loudness increases. No pumping, transient or frequency artifacts whatsoever. More

Bad Buss Mojo

Mix Buss Amplifier

Your complete non-linearity toolkit - from smooth transformer to rich and valve-like. More


Multi-signal Analysis

Compare and contrast by waveform, frequency or phase. Inspect with freeze, zoom and scrub. More


Graphic Dynamic Control

Waveform reshaping tool allowing powerful direct control over the dynamics of any audio. More


Spectral Editor

Powerful and non-destructive real-time spectral editing without leaving your host application. More
Total gain-independent control of the transient and sustain elements of drums, bass, guitars and all things spiky. More


Stereo Microshifter

Thickening with delay and exceptionally high quality pitch shift. Retire your big eighties rack today... More


Intelligent Resonator

Intelligent resonant filters driven by real-time polyphonic pitch detection. Try it on ..anything. Everything. Do it now... More


Extraordinary Effects Suite

Filter, chorus, phaser and drive for the creative at heart. Unique in sound, flexible in execution. More

Major Tom


Glorious and creative compression with adaptive attack and release - from smooth to snarling! More

Oligarc Filter

analog ladder filter

The sophisticated emulation of a classic analog ladder filter taken from Olga and Oligarc. More


Algorithmic Reverb

Extremely controllable and flexible algorithmic stereo reverb with integrated gate. More


Envelope Editor

Graphic threshold-driven dynamic envelope editor. More


Bitscope & Intersample Clip Monitor

Intersample clipping detection, bit tree display and sample rate indication for your cost-free enjoyment. More